Bank Indonesia Records Rp4.51tn Foreign Capital Outflow in One Week

Bank Indonesia Records Rp4.51tn Foreign Capital Outflow in One Week, Jakarta – Bank Indonesia (BI) recorded foreign capital outflows from the domestic financial market of Rp4.51 trillion in the period 21-24 August 2023.

In an official statement received in Jakarta, Friday, the central bank’s executive director for communications, Erwin Haryono, said that this value consisted of foreign capital outflows from the Government Securities (SBN) market of Rp2.31 trillion, and foreign capital outflows from stock market amounting to Rp2.2 trillion.

As of August 24, the capital traffic this year so far resulted in net foreign capital inflows of Rp85.83 trillion on the bond and securities market and Rp0.63 trillion on the stock market.

Meanwhile, the rupiah has weakened as of Friday morning, August 25. The rupiah trades for 15,265 per US dollar, down from yesterday’s rate of Rp15,240 per US dollar. Meanwhile, the US dollar index gained to 103.98 on August 24.

Erwin said BI continues to reinforce its coordination with the government and relevant authority bodies, and optimize the policy-mix strategy to guard Indonesia’s macroeconomic and financial system stability in support of the economic recovery.


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