MSMEs Minister Meets Online Sellers, Discuss Imported Products

MSMEs Minister Meets Online Sellers, Discuss Imported Products, Jakarta – The Minister of Cooperatives and MSMEs Teten Masduki met with various online platform sellers from TikTok Shop to Tokopedia. The online sellers asked for protection from the government against imported products, especially from China.

Teten said that the sellers were worried about the flood of imported products on online platforms. “The local products have difficulty competing since the imported products have relatively cheaper prices,” said Teten in his office on Monday, August 14, 2023.

Teten admitted that he listened to the sellers’ complaints concerning China’s products entering Indonesia through e-commerce cross border. Thus, according to Teten, the solution is not only revising Trade Ministry Regulation No. 50 of 2020 but also implementing equal customs.

In addition, Teten said, the sellers also proposed two solutions to the problem. First, the sellers propose to increase the customs, since imported products have unbelievably low prices.

“There is indeed predatory pricing (for imported products). Our market is too loose, causing foreign products to enter with prices as low as possible,” said Teten.

The second proposed solution is to anchor the entry of imported products at faraway harbors, for example, the harbor in Sorong, Papua. The distance will add fees to the products, encouraging domestic products to compete with imported products since the prices will then be similar.

“The complaints have been received as a recommendation to be examined,” Teten concluded.


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